Remax National Advertising Campaign 2018: The value of working with a RE/MAX agent is front and center in a new ad campaign

Finding the right home is never a one-size-fits-all process. That’s the key message of the Remax National Advertising Campaign 2018, now available on YouTube and airing during popular prime-time shows.

Each commercial features a couple or family with a different makeup, personality or stage-of-life need. Their home needs to be just as unique as they are, which means turning to a RE/MAX agent.

RE/MAX agents are able to help find homes with features search engines don’t account for – such as extra space for visiting in-laws or plenty of windowsills for a cat to nap in. Finding a home that keeps Mom and pets happy is something best left to a real live human.

The ads leverage a study that confirms more buyers and sellers would recommend RE/MAX than any other real estate brand.*

“RE/MAX agents are most recommended, because they recommend what’s right for you,” the voiceover says.

The new campaign marks the third year of collaboration between RE/MAX and award-winning San Francisco agency Camp + King. Watch them below and be sure to vote on your favorite of the Remax National Advertising Campaign 2018.

*“Source: MMR Strategy Group study of buyers and sellers, asked if there is one real estate brand they would be most likely to recommend to a friend or relative, and if so which one.”