Terrific information below for anyone considering purchasing or selling property in Central Florida this year. Our market stood out and was noted as the second best market in the country to invest in according to the 2016 Best Buy Cities list as published by Forbes in the article below. Please give us a call if we can help you with any of your real estate needs.

Created with award-winning ad agency Camp + King, the multimedia campaign includes new TV spots highlighting the value of RE/MAX agent.


August 2015 sees the return of the RE/MAX Month of Miracles, celebrating $138 million raised by thousands of RE/MAX Associates and offices since 1992. Those interested in buying or selling a home — and helping their local CMN Hospital in the process — can look for the Miracle Balloon logo when searching listings at www.remax.com.

The commitment of the RE/MAX family to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals demonstrates “the power of many makes a difference.” That is the true secret behind the RE/MAX® relationship with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The individual donations of thousands of Associates amount to millions of dollars each year for children’s hospitals, with over 8 million raised in 2014.

The most effective fundraising tools are the Miracle Home® and Miracle Property programs, where Associates can make a contribution to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with each closed transaction. Miracle Home yard signs also serve as an indicator of the agent’s commitment to improving local pediatric care. Many RE/MAX offices are so passionate about the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ mission that they go above and beyond. From organizing golf tournaments to hosting art auctions, their efforts prove the simple principle that actions speak louder than words.